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A bold vision for
Michigan's future.

The Coalition for a Strong and Prosperous Michigan actively works to advance a bold vision to build our state's future and strategically invest in our residents, entrepreneurs, businesses and communities.

We believe by working together, Michigan can be a magnet for talent, revive and strengthen our economy now and into the future, and support thriving communities that all can enjoy.


2023-24 CSPM Priorities


Investing in
Built for the Future

Build and sustain resilient and reliable systems and structures.


the Economy
Through Thriving Communities

Create opportunities for housing, workforce, and economic development that foster attractive places for people and businesses.

Improving Governance, Safety, and Well-Being in our Communities

Support systems and structures that provide long-term sustainability for people, places and businesses.

About CSPM

In 2021, community, business and labor leaders from all corners of Michigan came together to develop the MI Prosperity Roadmap, a comprehensive strategy for investing, leveraging and amplifying American Rescue Plan resources. This framework helped guide many of the investment decisions made by our state legislature and resulted in billions of dollars in investment in the areas we identified as priorities. As our coalition has evolved, our overarching objectives have remained the same.


CSPM Objectives


Utilize cost effective methods and available resources to invest in infrastructure, build capacity, and improve fiscal stability for people, places, and businesses.

Create multi-sector partnerships between communities, state leaders, interest groups, businesses, labor, and philanthropy to leverage available resources, accelerating the impact of our investment.

Initiate long-term change to sustain and amplify investment for us and our future to remain competitive and grow our state's population.

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Building a path
to future prosperity.

The decisions made during the current legislative session will define Michigan’s future for years to come. The Coalition understands that our future success is inextricably linked, and the strategic investment of the state’s available resources and policy implementation needs to support and strengthen these connections.


Our bold vision to build Michigan’s future capitalizes on the economic value of thriving communities, advances equity, creates community wealth, supports entrepreneurship, prioritizes the need for talent, and spurs business development.


As leaders representing people from every corner of Michigan, we have come together to offer our support for this comprehensive and interconnected set of policy priorities. We welcome an opportunity to work together on building a path forward to support Michigan residents, businesses, and communities with the tools and resources necessary to create future prosperity.


CSPM Members


Michael P. McGee

Past CEO and Senior Principal, Miller Canfield

Donna Inch

Former Chairman and CEO, Ford Land Development Corp, Ford Motor Company



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