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From Rescue to Prosperity: A Roadmap to Michigan’s Future

The events since March 2020 have forever changed Michigan. The pandemic has caused pain, suffering and immense challenges, but it also presented an opportunity to reset the trajectory of the state's success and prosperity for decades to come.

The American Rescue Plan dedicates billions of dollars to support individuals, education, small business, infrastructure and government. Our Coalition for a Strong and Prosperous Michigan set out to thoughtfully answer how we invest these resources. We came together, discussed our priorities, and listened and learned about priorities other than our own. This helped us develop a comprehensive and strategic roadmap for Michigan’s future.

Our bold vision to build a strong and prosperous future for Michigan leverages nearly $6 billion in American Rescue Plan funding, capitalizes on the economic value of thriving communities, advances equity, builds community wealth, supports entrepreneurship, prioritizes the need for talent, and spurs business development.

To meet these ambitious goals, the Michigan Prosperity Roadmap focuses the state’s ARP resources in a coordinated fashion across five key areas:


Fiscal Health

Thriving Communities

Strong Economy

Public Health & Safety

As leaders representing people from every corner of Michigan, we are ready to get to work, to find common ground, and to invest in Michigan’s future. Together we can and will emerge stronger, more resilient and more prosperous.

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